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Good Housekeeping Seal Approved Windows

Good housekeeping seal windows

Good Housekeeping Seal For over 100 years, Good Housekeeping has been one of the strongest forces of consumer advocacy in America. Customer satisfaction, superior quality, and a dependable warranty are all characteristics that Good Housekeeping requires in order to award its seal to a product.

Products earn the Good Housekeeping Seal through stringent testing at the Good Housekeeping Research Institute. Founded in 1909, the Institute is recognized as the oldest consumer product testing lab in the nation. Each year, the Good Housekeeping Research Institute sets the benchmark for product integrity and quality, as well as consumer trust and brand loyalty. Its demanding standards are in place to give customers the peace of mind that if a product has won the seal, it is high quality and can be trusted.

Good housekeeping seal

The Good Housekeeping Institute's testing is so thorough that it provides a two-year warranty on every product it endorses. Should merchandise become defective within this time frame, it will be repaired, replaced, or the customer will be reimbursed.

Affordable Home replacement windows and doors products have been strenuously tested and evaluated by scientists, engineers, and energy technicians at the Good Housekeeping Research Institute.

We take pride in the fact that our replacement windows are backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal because of the quality and integrity that it represents.

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Affordable Home Windows just $99.00 a month. With trade in old windows
Good housekeeping seal windows

143 Series Double Hung Windows

143 Series windows from Affordable Home Windows are beautiful as well as remarkably solid, sturdy and stable. Our beveled mainframe design is exceptionally slim and refined. Their sleek construction easily complements any type of architecture.

143 Series Double Hung Windows

You will find that 143 Series vinyl frames will never chip, peel, crack or warp, and are maintenance free. The 143 Series tilt-in sashes make cleaning a pleasure due to our effortless tilt latch.

The ultimate choice for beauty, comfort and energy efficiency. The 143 Series windows help to pay for themselves through lower energy costs, freedom from maintenance and increased property value. Our impressive Lifetime Limited Warranty delivers the peace-of-mind you would expect from an industry leader.

143 Series Features
  • Fusion-welded sash & mainframe adds strength and rigidity.
  • Fully extruded lift rail adds strength, durability and ease of operation.
  • Hidden screen track produces clean lines and added beauty.
  • Protective hollow bulb seal at sill for added weather protection.

177 Series Double Hung Windows

The superior performance of 177Series windows starts with innovation. Every precision-engineered component contributes to superior energy savings. The multi-chamber design helps trap dead air to produce an effective insulating barrier, while extra-thick, fusion-welded frames and sashes provide superior structural strength and create a permanent barrier against air and moisture infiltration, adding up to greater energy savings and lower utility bills.

177 Series Double Hung Windows

177 Series windows features a sloped sill helping to prevent air and water infiltration while maintaining a timeless, detailed appearance. Beveled mainframes on double-hung and sliding windows complement any home style.

Best yet, 177 Series windows are covered by Affordable Home Fix impressive Lifetime Limited Warranty for complete peace-of-mind.

177 Series Features
  • Quad 4 weatherstripping at the header.
  • Triple-barrier weatherstripping between sash and jamb.
  • Compression bulb seal at the sill for further weather protection.
  • Hidden screen track produces clean lines.
  • Fully extruded lift rails for strength & durability.
  • Fusion-welded sash & mainframe adds strength and rigidity.
  • Fiberglass filled frame.

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The Affordable Home Window line offers high-quality products and attractive design options – and best of all, at the lowest cost to you. Our motto says it all: Provide Superior Product, installed by a professional craftsman, at our low price guarantee.

Today, we offer much more than windows. You will find that we offer a wide array of window products. See the gallery below to see what our window profile and styles you want to see what the wonderful products we have available.

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  • Double Hung Window
    Double Hung Windows
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  • Awning Window
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  • Hopper Window
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Privately owned and operated, Affordable Windows believes in being professional and dependable in every step of the process - starting with the first phone call. Affordable Home Fix is interested in building long-term relationships with our customers, and we perform every job in an expert, professional manner.


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