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Affordable Attic Insulation and Ventilation for your home

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Did you know that your family could be more comfortable in your home?


Anytime our area experiences extreme temperatures, you can expect spikes in energy bills. But did you know that if your home’s attic insulation and ventilation is inadequate you be losing money and valuable conditioned air? Affordable Home Fix specializes in installing attic insulation and installing/servicing ventilation systems in the surrounding area.

Poor insulation affects not only your wallet but also your family’s comfort. Many people who call Affordable Home Fix about attic insulation installation say that they notice a drastic temperature change between floors in their home. This is a special concern for parents with newborn babies and young children. And the effects of poor insulation and ventilation go beyond home temperature. What many people don’t know is that old, broken down or moldy insulation can be a major allergen source. If you or someone in your family is always sniffling, coughing or experiencing other allergy symptoms with no obvious cause, it’s possible that insulation is the culprit (Yes, it is possible to be allergic to your house Affordable insulation can help .Adding or replacing attic insulation and ensuring a working ventilation system can enhance your family’s wellbeing in more ways than one.

What to Consider When Installing New Attic Insulation

Insulation comes in many forms. Let us help you determine the right type for your home.

If you think it is time to add attic insulation, then it probably is. The first thing to do is assess the insulation that is already there. If the existing insulation is disintegrated or moldy, it will need to be removed by your attic insulation contractor.

Once you’ve assessed the extent of what you need, it’s time to consider R-Value—or the number by which we measure insulation’s heat resistance. Different types of insulation have different R-Values and you must choose the one that is appropriate to your climate. Energy Star recommends that homeowners choose insulation with an R-Value from anywhere to R38 to R60.

Our Product

At Affordable Insulation, we proudly recommend and install Certainteed UltraTherm™ S&R Loose Fill Fiber Glass Insulation. It is safe, eco-friendly, odor-free and will not rot or absorb moisture. It also has an easily buildable R-Value that allows our insulation professionals to customize the R-Value of the insulation for your home’s unique needs. UltraTherm™ S&R carries a transferrable limited warranty.

Our Product

We make sure that an insulation installation doesn’t disturb your daily life any more than it needs to. Traditionally, blown installation is installed by running a tube through the front door of a home all the way to the attic. This can get in the way of your family’s activities and track in dust or debris. Affordable Home Fix insulation technicians offer you the option of installing the installation through the roof instead. This means less mess and less intrusion.

What Does Ventilation Have to Do With It?

The purpose of the ventilation system in an attic is to allow outside air to flow in through the eaves by the fascia board and soffits and to let air out though the roof ridge (or with power fans). This prevents hot air from building up in the attic and causing unnecessary damage.


It doesn’t matter how much insulation you put in the attic. Without a working ventilation system, you won’t see the comfort or energy-saving benefits. In fact, insulation without ventilation can be counterproductive. For instance, in the wintertime, unventilated heat that has nowhere else to go heads to above the attic ceiling and melts the snow on the roof. That melted snow then drips into the gutters where it freezes and creates an ice dam. Other possible consequences of poor ventilation include prematurely warped roof shingles, mold growth in insulation and break down of wood framing.

Quality ridge vents and proper installation helps your home stay comfortable and lets your roof last.

If your attic is impossibly hot in the summertime or if snow melts off your roof more quickly than your neighbors’ in the wintertime, then you probably have inadequate ventilation.

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